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A recent Guardian article observed, "Dream pop, nature and nostalgia is in, raging against the machine is out. Just when did indie rock get so laidback?" I have a theory that Kurt Cobain's suicide in 1994 marked the point when rock unconsciously started to Nike Air Max UK veer toward something gentler because his death symbolized the logical extreme of the genre's own iconoclasm that had been on loan from the blues for too long anyway. A few years after that, Massive Attack released the landmark "Mezzanine." It was still dark, narcotic music but leavened with a dreamers' love of reverb, deeply imaginative production, and the angelic voice of Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. For me personally, the trajectory is now reaching some sort of apex. The vaulting but pensive melodies of Bat for Lashes. The gauzy downcast psychedelia of Beach House. The Cloud City synth of M83 and Ulrich Schnauss. Even more straightforward indie rock from The xx and Spoon seems more about nuance than propulsive forward motion. I love Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse online the intricate, sugary experimentalism of Passion Pit and shiny headphone candy of Gang Gang Dance. And of course there's all the indie folk that seems to be emanating directly from the forest these days. Fleet Foxes. Blitzen Trapper. Bon Iver. For every relatively traditional rock band like Phoenix that arrives on the scene, there's some soul holed up in a one room cabin somewhere, writing fiercely clean harmonies that attempt to rival mother nature herself in purity and scope. In short, I am loving all the yin lately. Hell, even metal is oblique these days. Rock is still pulling against its context, but this time the context is one of its own making made such a point of its own bad assery for so long that it became a clich Vampire Weekend's "Contra" debuted at number one a few weeks ago, and it's no accident Cheap Nike Air Max 95 that the title of this preppy, playful album means "against." For those steeped Decline of Western Civilization style notions of rock, it's difficult to swallow that something so carefree could represent the vanguard, but if you're using Lethem's definition, these guys are doing a great job.
And thank God it isn't all acorns and antlers out there. One of the sexiest developments in music lately is how many artists got bored with their own schtick and started messing around in other genres. When Dirty Projectors' "Bitte Orca" was released last year, many reviewers noted that it contained some fairly hot R hooks. Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, noticed too and did a sultry cover of their song, "Stillness is the Move." Jay Z made an appearance at a Cheap Nike Free run recent Grizzly Bear show on the Brooklyn waterfront and suggested hip hop should take some artistic cues from indie rock. At live shows indie duo Cocorosie is known to cover "Turn Me On," turning the bouncy Kevin Lyttle dancehall track into a smoldering R ballad, and it's delicious to hear Bianca Casady sing lines like "Girl, caress my body" in a delicate vintage warble. (Talk about pulling against a context.) Artists like Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) and Scott Herren (Prefuse 73) weave together hip hop and experimental rock so expertly that it would make Prince Paul and Syd Barrett equally happy. To me, Herren's "The Class of 73 Bells" (featuring twin sisters Claudia and Alejandra Deheza from School of Seven Bells) represents a high watermark in this love affair between urban and indie. Of course there will never not be a place for anger, grit, and unvarnished darkness in rock. Bands like Baroness, The White Stripes, and The Kills easily Cheap Nike Free Run 2 Women prove that and I wouldn't want to live in a world without them. And when the context changes once again and the pendulum swings the other way, anger may yet spawn new sub genres of the sort my friend misses so much. For now though, it's refreshing to me that so many artists want to leave off cock and awe for awhile, break some genre rules, and light out for the territories. It's sophisticated, fluid, unexpected. More please. Yeah Cypher I agree. hip hop is feeling pretty moribund lately. But when genres and scenes reach the end of their rope, interesting things can happen. Cypher, Hip hop used to be angry. Now it's mindless smack that ass music, boasting about women and money. It no longer social commentary, just the expression of personal ego, greed and stupidity. And it's clownish stupidity spreads to acts like the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga. Its like the establishment wants more clowns. Young people given nothing but bump and grind from rich imbeciles like Men Nike Free Run 5.0 sale Soulja Boy or various semi retarded half talents. Rap seems to go in waves, trading off musical with lyrical ability, starting with good lyrics but just a beat, getting more complex with NWA but the lyrics being more shock value, leading into Eminem which improved upon the musicality but also started to mark the end of serious lyrics. Now it is musically sophisticated, but the words, the boasts of rich flash in the pan idiots.
Shannon, Snoresville: I agree with you both. One is lucky to live through any transition of an art form when its energies have run out. Commercialism is part of the natural wave of art in industrial society. It is a form of decadence and boredom, but it helps pay the bills for Cheap Nike Air Max UK online what is new and untested. And beyond what tickles our immediate sense of freshness and relevance, we should have some sense of what remains within the decadence. Said another way, commercialism has its charms, especially as technical/production skills. But we have not fully grasped the energy that Hip Hop has released into a World Culture because we haven't heard back yet from all the voices. German Rap, Trance, Hip Hop, whatever, has a particular ambience not understood here. Hispanic Hip Hop has another energy within street culture unnoticed by an egghead like Jon Pareles (sp? cause I don't care.) The compelling part of Shannon's piece, for me, is noticing this fallow period and looking around for something decent in fresh ground. But these new seeds are mighty wild things, and Hip Hop has changed what will grow in profound ways. Hip Hop has unleashed something similar in studio technology. While it began with a street genius expressed in quite new poetics of words and rhythm, it is now joined at the structural level with studio and production exploration. Just as a 13th century composer could might try a construct through notation, then decide he (mostly he's back then) likes it, and takes that construct back and makes it part of his "natural" craft, the same is true with Hip Hip, and other related styles. The rhythms of words and even the longer rhythms of form in Hip Hop can be manipulated Cheap Nike Air Max 95 outside what is "natural" and then absorbed into an innate craft. Put another way, a rapper's tracks can be sliced, pasted, whatever, to create something interesting (or sometimes hackneyed) that he or she then must perform. The performer absorbs the mechanical, and in the case of techo becomes it. What makes all this quite interesting for me is that the 800 year journey of classical music, built on notation, has run completely out of creative energy. What's left are postmodern efforts to grab something real from pop or world music, dress it up with intellectualism, and claim its relevance. While classical music has reached this completely exhausted state, and wallows in the worst kinds of commercialism for its integrity, popular music whatever that is seems the most powerful infant born in the last 30 or so years. Shannon is engaged with transition, energies running out and rebirth. Is it some Nike Air Max 2012 sale small river of a change within American pop music, as heard from a local rather than global stance ? Or is it the sweep of the whole change. I'd say both. But no question that the full measure of technology is a force of immense in creation and consumption. Not only studio technology, easily had now by musicians throughout the world, but that other thing that is dethroning melody, harmony, form, and even lyrics video. Which affects at the most basic level, even the bands that have gone back to supposedly raw roots.
The Bent Pyramid was built in Dahshur, Egypt, by pharaoh Sneferu, father of Pharaoh Khufu, builder of the Great Pyramid. The Bent Pyramid is better known by its two different angles in its inclined sides. Egyptologists indicates that this Pyramid was under construction, when its initial angle had to be changed; up to the pyramid's top, as necessary to repair a faulty design of the Egyptian engineers. The structure was deeming to collapse due to the initial Cheap Nike Blazers online steep angle applied by the designer. For Engineer Samuel Laboy, from Puerto Rico, this is a simplistic solution which buries well underground one of the most important and historic pyramids design in Egypt. To solve this design, he used the Perfect Symbol system, previously used by him to solve the geometric design of the Great Pyramid, and others. He found that the Bent Pyramid shape is composed of the superimposition of two important and unique pyramid's designs. He explains that the reasons for the pyramid combined design could be, from the spiritual point of view of the Egyptians, to provide with this new geometric arrangement, a powerful and energetic force to the pyramid. By using the Perfect Symbol, Engineer Laboy discovered the two geometrical configurations of the pyramids that would fit, when superimposed, this particular and unique geometric bent design. Besides, this particular design will exposed and demonstrate to all, that the ancient Egyptians knew more about Math's and Geometry, than it is assumed by today's scholars. As a professional Civil Engineer, Laboy do not accept the theories elaborated to explain the changes in the angles. He believes the pyramid was designed and Nike Blazer Mid Men online built as it is now. He said that the two geometric configurations, when superimposed, using an equal scale, create a combined configuration exactly equal to that of the Bent Pyramid. The following is the method Engineer Laboy used to rescue and determines the Bent Pyramid's design. He states that this is not a theory, if he said so, he would be lying. The fact that all calculations, properties and characteristics, exactly fit the design, like he did with the Great Pyramid geometric design, is irrefutable evidence of it exactness, and proves that this is another important discovery for the Egyptology world. As he explained, demonstrated and illustrated in his new books "A Civil Engineer looks at the Great Pyramid" and its "Supplement", the Bent Pyramid follows a geometric pattern composed of two completely different geometrical configurations. Each Nike Blazer Mid Women uk online configuration has a particular reason to be incorporated in the Bent Pyramid's design. The first model establishes the lower angle of the Bent Pyramid. Its configuration represents the pyramid that is created with the well known configuration of a square circumscribed by a circle. He said that this would be the simplest pyramid's design model of a pyramid. The tangent of the slope of this pyramid is equivalent to the square root of two. Therefore, the corresponding angle for this slope is 54 44' 8.197". As known, this is the correct angle for the lower section of the Bent Pyramid.
Essentially, you're having that company work for YOU.I'm not a certified financial advisor, so I'm not going to advise you as to what stocks to buy, what to sell, and all the other intricate facets of the stock market. What I can do is direct you Cheap Nike Air Max to one of my favorite informational resources, that being the Internet. You can find a wealth of valuable information about investing just by doing a simple Google search.I have a very personal example of investing that paid off for me. I had to invest time and money into my internet business. Initially I thought of it as a hobby. But I felt like my idea for this business was powerful and realistic enough to work into a business. So I invested in my idea, and it's paid off. Surround yourself with people who know how to invest, and who have done it successfully. Learn from them. Make sure you know where your assets are invested, and make sure you make the necessary changes as the market fluctuates, or as things change. Don't put all of your eggs Nike Air Max 95 Mens UK in one basket invest in a variety of different opportunities, but don't put every penny you have into your first investment. That's how you LOSE money. Do all the research you can before making an investment.After we've finished up with this segment, sit back and think about your financial strengths and weaknesses. Identify them, then try to think of ways of nurturing your strengths and improving upon your weaknesses.Great video! Agreed that not only is it important to slowly build your wealth but also to protect it. Our law firm actually helps successful people Cheap Air Max 2012 Womens invest and protect the wealth they have accumulated.For those hoping to reserve their legacy for their families we offer a combination of trusts, offshore planning and other financial tools to minimize exposure while maximizing your money's value and long term security. For the philanthropic we offer services in charitable planning to minimize the client's tax liabilities.Information like what you described here is going to be quite useful to me. I will post a link to this post on my site.
After breaking up with your girlfriend, you have finally realized that you were wrong but it seems that your realization is too late because she has already moved on. It may be impossible to revive the past relationship that you have shared, but it would be a better way to apologize for your mistakes so that Nike Free Shoes online uk there will be no hard feelings in case your paths will cross again. One of the best methods to apologize to your past girl is to send her flowers. You may think that this is not a good idea because sending a gift to someone who is already not in a relationship with you can be a bit awkward and it can give a different Cheap Nike Free Run 2 impression on the recipient. Aside from that, you may feel that this action can just result to a bad end. However, rather than thinking on that, you need to be more sincere towards your feelings and that you would really like to apologize. Apologizing to your ex girlfriend doesnt necessarily mean that you would like to revive the lost relationship. If the chances of fixing the relationship is very low and you are sure that you are no longer harboring feelings for her, then it Nike Roshe Trainers sale wouldnt hurt you if you try to apologize for your past mistakes and make things smooth for the two of you. One effective way of expressing your apologies to your former girlfriend is to send her with a beautiful bouquet of roses. If you would like to make efforts of asking for forgiveness for your past mistakes but you are too busy or you do not have the time to look for local flower shops or personally send the flowers, you can always order it through an online Canada flowers delivery wherein you can order and send flowers even if you are at work and in front of a computer.
What comes to your mind when you hear the word "alcoholic" or "addict?" Do you think of simply a social outcast; or do you think of anyone who may be affected by addiction, from teens to college students; from homemakers to licensed professionals from every walk of life?Well, if you can envision a chronic brain Nike Air Max UK Shoes disease that can affect anyone at any time you can understand what addiction looks like today. It is a disease of epidemic proportions that kills more people than all other chronic illnesses put together.We all know that addiction is a serious disease, that it can strike anyone, and that it destroys lives and families. But how do you know if you or someone you care about has crossed the line and needs help? When do change from just being a user of a substance to being an addict? To answer this we asked Dr. Scott Davis, the Inpatient Medical Director at the Betty Air Max 90 Mens uk Ford Center. He provided seven important warning signs that suggest a problem with addiction may exist, and I'd like to share them with you now.1)INCREASED TOLERANCE By "tolerance" we mean that as one becomes accustomed to drinking more or using more drug over a longer period of time, the body quickly adapts to it. It takes more and more just to reach the same high. As tolerance to a drug grows, problems also develop in a person's relationships with family, friends, and in their workplace.2)WITHDRAWAL A person's body may become so dependent on alcohol or other drugs such as tranquilizers or painkillers that it actually needs them to function normally. In these cases, when Air Max 2011 Mens shoes the drinking or drug use is stopped, physical signs of withdrawal can be seen. A person can look tired or sleepy as in withdrawal from cocaine or amphetamine. Withdrawal from alcohol, tranquilizers, and opiates can cause very dramatic signs, such as tremors of the hands and tongue, sweating, pinpoint sized pupils, and excessive yawning. Stomach problems such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramping can be part of this picture.3)
Drinking or drug use in much larger amounts or for longer time than intended. Here as a person becomes more tolerant to the effects of alcohol or a drug, they lose that ability to set limits on how much they will use.4)A persisting desire to cut Cheap Nike Free Run shoes down or control the use of the drug, usually unsuccessfully. This is akin to an alcoholic or addict pushing down on the brakes of a runaway problem. They just can't stop.5)Much more time is spent getting the drug, using it, or recovering from the effects of it. It comes to consume a person's life.6)Activities that the alcoholic or addict once enjoyed are given up and replaced by their drinking or drug use. We know that continued drinking and drug use can cause many very serious physical and psychological problems; even heart attacks, strokes, depression and suicide.7)The drinking or drug use continues despite these serious physical and psychological problems developing because of it. A person's health Womens Nike Free 5.0 V3 shoes literally takes a backseat to their runaway addiction.Addiction is a very serious, and often deadly, chronic disease. But with early recognition, as we have discussed, very effective treatment is available today. Depending on the type and severity of the addiction, treatment options can range from individual therapy, to intensive outpatient programs; even to residential inpatient treatment facilities designed to treat more advanced cases. If you see any of these seven warning signs, please seek help immediately from your primary doctor or an addiction specialist experienced in diagnosing and treating alcoholism and other addictive disorders.Well done. And suggests a huge unmet meed in Nike Free Run 3 online our country to be dealt with. I thought I was pretty good at breaking addictions. But then I realized I was still starting new ones at about an equal or greater rate then I was breaking them. Was too tolerant of others with the problem so entered into business with an alcoholic in denial; had me fooled for too long. His wife was even more fierce in her denial of her husbands problem. Learned the hard way he played a role of loyalty me and the company I had him managing while really having a loyalty to his habit and to those he hired, including as our accountant and two sales people, all addicts in denial.
Kissing broke out throughout the arena as the influential, 21 year old pop star belted out the tune in her countryish alto. Cell phones waved like lighters in the crowd. It was a lovely moment. The most popular part of her 90 minute set, though, was the hip hop Cheap Jordans shoes esque party anthem "We Can't Stop." During the song, one of Cyrus' backup dancers, very short, was dressed like a lit marijuana joint, and the other dancers surrounded her as if they were human hands gripping lighters. The whole arena screamed every word to the song. That's the way of Cyrus sometimes emotionally deep, but mostly goofy and tactically shocking. There was a rebel energy to her whole set, which thrilled tens of thousands of look alike fans at the Dome with a hit parade including "Wrecking Ball," "SMS (Bangerz)," a lengthy version of "My Darlin'," and "23," a rap song about being high on Cheap Air Jordan 6 marijuana in a nightclub environment while wearing Nike Air Jordans. A chunk of the audience wore Chicago Bulls gear to exactly match Cyrus in the music video for "23." Going against conventional pop star wisdom, the stagecraft lacked any major pyrotechnics. Cyrus instead made brilliant use of a video screen behind her, with primary and secondary color fields simple but effective. There were also animations by the cartoonist Air Jordan Womens Shoes free shipping John Kricfalusi, who made MTV's "Ren Stimpy" in the '90s about a couple of characters on a dazed journey. Since Cyrus is on her own kind of bizarre ride, and loves the cartoony side of life, that resonated. Hammering home her love of stonedness or perhaps just weirdness, she also rode a giant hot dog and frolicked with furry monsters.
Cape Cod the image brings to mind upper class resort and vacationing not the recent murder of a 16 year old by his 13 year old half brother in an attempt to assume control of the family drug business. But what does this case reveal about the dark underbelly of one of Cheap Air Jordans Shoes America's paradises, and America as a whole? Mykel Mendes is accused of conspiring with two other teens to kidnap, torture, and murder his older half brother, Jordan Mendes, so that he could take over the older brother's significant Oxycontin and cocaine business, which was centered just a few miles from the Kennedy Hyannis Port compound. The boys shared the same father, Manuel Mendes, who went to prison in 2000 on drug charges. Two years later he was caught orchestrating the large scale trafficking ring from within the prison walls, adding an additional 35 years to his previous 8 10 year sentence. Jordan Mendes apparently picked up where his father left off, as Cheap Air Jordan Womens Shoes sale District Attorney Michael O'Keefe told the Associated Press, Jordan was a "significant drug dealer." While the two boys seemed to have a very close relationship up until even recently, in December all of that changed when Mykel Mendes conspired with 20 year old cousin, Robert Vacher, and 13 year old Kevin Ribeiro, and the plot was carried out over Cheap Air Jordan 3 Kids two days when they kidnapped Jordan Mendes, tortured him, stole over $10,000 in cash and an undisclosed amount of drugs, and culminated in Vacher according to the account Ribeiro told police shooting him in the face and stabbing him as many as 27 times. Then Ribeiro and Vacher rolled his body in a rug, took it to a nearby wooded area, threw the body in a pit and set it ablaze. Jordan Mendes' remains were found the next day when his concerned family went out to look for him when he did not return from school. The body was still burning.